Good News

Well, good news. Totally expectedly good news: there is nothing terrible wrong with me other than thyroid weirdness. As predicted.

Oh, also I am anaemic – which I should always be able to predict every single time I get blood work done.

My thyroid function is low again, so my medication dosage will be upped. And I’m to get back on my iron and various other supplements. I’m obviously not wild about having my thyroid further deteriorate, but it’s nice to have a totally treatable and not scary reason for all the fatigue. And now I will take my medication and my iron pills and cross my fingers to be back to normal in a couple of weeks.

2014-12-16-sleeping-portiaAlso, now that there’s a medical reason for the fatigue, I will maybe indulge in a whole tonne of sleep instead of constantly berating myself for hypochondria and laziness.

Complete blissed out, kitten-inspired sleep.

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