Unrelated to either writing, or to difficult parenting, I have been engaging in a bunch of activism in areas related to my youngest. (My youngest is transgender, but not remotely difficult to parent other than the part about living with fear for his well-being.)

Activism comes hard to me. As an introvert, and a rule-obeyer and people pleaser.

So it’s been a hard week. A week of putting myself out there, talking to SO MANY strangers, breaking some rules and reading mean internet comments on the press about it. (“Why did you even read the comments?” “Because I need to toughen up about these things and where better to break myself in than on a moderated news site?”)

We’ve talked to the press on two different news items, talked to a politician about helping to shape his party’s policies, attended a discussion panel on transgender healthcare access and done some connecting with another mom looking for information. All in one week.

Oh lord, but I’m done. I’ll be living in a cave for the next month, I think.

Luckily, April starts in three days, and I did kind of promise I was going to essentially live in a cave and write for that month. So that’s all right.

Moms of #transkids are using men’s bathrooms to protest the bathroom amendments to bill #c279 #occupotty

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